TFS Recap: Insecure | You can do it, put your back into it



At the end of season 1, we're left with Issa dealing with the aftermath of Lawrence breaking up with her and moving out of their apartment after finding out she cheated on him with her high school crush.

Fast track a couple of months later, and it seems like nothing is going well at all for Issa. She's still hoping Lawrence will come back. And since he hasn't, she starts going on rebound dates to try to get over him. And we are blessed with one of her dope imagination raps on why these guys should stop wasting their time with her.

While on a walk, Issa complains to her BFF Molly how hard the dating scene has been which is a particularly funny moment because that was exactly what Molly was trying to explain to her in the beginning of season 1. And dating won't get any easier especially if Issa keeps comparing everyone to Lawrence. But Molly, the best BFF out there, let's her know it's okay to want him back and assures her “guys always want you back when they know you doing good without them."

Turns out that's not true, cause we see Lawrence is still hooking up with Tasha the bank teller. And he's staying with his friend Chad who points out to him that he has the perfect system set up with Tasha: roll up on Fridays, smash all weekend, bounce out on Sundays and don't take her out. It leaves Lawrence feeling some type of way because he doesn't like the idea that he is using her just for sex. He's says they're both having fun, no pressure. But we're going to agree with Chad. "Pressure busts pipes."

Time to unpack

Let's move on to our favorite homegirl Molly. At the end of season 1, Molly realizes that maybe she could use some therapy to sort out her issues. She obviously follows through, because her first appearance is sitting in the therapist's office for one of her sessions. And it seems like it isn't going well. Her comfort zone seems to be only things that are related to work. As she tells Issa, she doesn't need them "trying to get all up in her business." But we eventually learn Molly has been through quite a few therapists at this point. Our girl has some work to do.

At work, Molly accidentally receives her male coworker’s check and finds out that he is getting paid more than she is and they have been there the same length of time. At their coworkers going away party, she tries to feel him out on the money situation, but he doesn’t take the bait. But what he does reveal is his misogynistic side and that of the partners in telling her that they forced their coworker to leave for another office because they didn’t think she could handle the job. It seems like her firm just may undervalue women period. I think our girl Molly finally has something to unpack at therapy.

Sometimes you gotta know when to give up

Issa gets a jury summons for Lawrence in the mail and uses this as an opportunity to see him. Still stuck on what Molly told her earlier, she convinces her to have a Wine Down plus one single party to help her appear happy when Lawrence shows up. And Issa being Issa, invites her brother Amal as her plus one. And it was all for nothing. Lawrence sends a text to say he can't make it and if she can just mail the letter to him. He instead takes Tasha the bank teller on a date. Upset and still in a funk, things quickly go from bad to worse when she let’s her drunk friend Kelli invite some strangers walking down the street to come up. Hearing the party, our favorite brazy neighbor Thug Yoda invites himself and some friends to the party too … and nearly burns down Issa's apartment.

Continuing her bad karma, Issa and her coworker Frieda are having a hard time getting kids to participate in We Got Y'all at the school they are assigned. The teachers seem just as disinterested as the students. Ready to pull them out, Issa convinces her boss to let them try again. With one more chance to prove that the school is worth it, they are excited that some kids show up interested … interested in taking the food they provided. They got y'all.

Feeling defeated, Issa gets a knock at her door and its Lawrence. He finally shows up to get his mail and some things he left in the apartment. But right as he's leaving out the door, he turns to Issa and BAM, its on right there on the couch ... for like what? Not even a minute. After its over the awkwardness between the two return and Lawrence immediately leaves telling her he'll talk to her later as he kisses her cheek.

Sometimes guys just want to know that you’re struggling just as much as they are.

How did you like the season 2 premiere? Are Lawrence and Issa on the road back together? Will Kelli give Thug Yoda a chance? And will Molly let her bosses know what she’s worth?

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