TFS Recap: Shadowhunters | Yom Kippur. Am I right?

Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

Turn back now if you haven't seen S2E16 of Shadowhunters! Major spoilers ahead.

Cool? Got it? Lets go.....

In this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, Day of Atonement, Simon is still moping around about his break up with Clary (even though in the last episode he almost got accused of murder and nearly died.). But let’s be honest, who really liked Simon and Clary together? #noone #nothankyou #ew

Any who, after hearing about the break up from Luke, Maia the friendly neighborhood bar werewolf, shows up to cheer sullen Simon up. Which is weird because the last time we saw her, there was some random back alley action happening with a certain Shadowhunter whose name rhymes with Ace. Still don’t understand that one. Simon decides the only way to feel normal again is to atone for his sins at his family’s Yom Kippur dinner.

Meanwhile, in the Shadowhunter cave, Clary is STILL trying to avoid Jace. Come on Clary. We all know you’re not mad at Jace. You’re mad that the Seelie Queen made you admit your feelings for Jace. Cause we all know Simon will never be more than your friend. Ugh. But I digress…

Now, Clary is super pissed that Jace requested her to be on his team in the quest to find out what the hell happened to Valentine. But while listening to Jace go on about a cabin in the woods Valentine use to take him to as a kid, Clary has this crazy Beautiful Mind moment and visualizes a rune that can open a portal to the cabin. After drawing it with her stele, a portal opens and they end up in a lake. Did that Angel blood give her a little warlock magic too?

The return of Papa Lightwood

And in the mist of all this, low and behold cheating Papa Lightwood finally emerged from Idris. We haven’t seen this guy since what? Season 1? He announces that he’s there on behalf of the Clave as their envoy to basically let Alec know the Clave is disappointed they let Valentine get away, but he gets to keep his job as head of the Institute. And you know Alec can’t help but get in a few jabs about his cheating. Robert says he’s sorry and that his reason for cheating is that he fell in love. Don’t they all say that? Oh, and then there is a quick mention of Max, the Lightwood brother we always forget. He’s literally starting to become like Judy from Family Matters.

But the reason everyone is in a tizzy… Valentine’s mysterious disappearance during his transport to Idris. Turns out Sebastian aka his real son Jonathan Christopher, is the one who took him. And JC is ready to exact his revenge on dear old dad for giving him demon blood and turning him into a super creepy hideous creature. And, well, he’s right. Look at him. *shudders*

Lake Lyn

While discussing with Izzy what’s up with Papa Lightwood’s return and his pull with the Clave, Alec’s parabatai spidey sense starts tingling and alerts him that something is wrong with Jace.  They discover that Jace and Clary are gone. After fighting with Robert on who should go search for them, Alec ends up sending Izzy.

Back in the woods of Idris, Clary gets separated from Jace in the search for her stele and starts to go a little coo coo for cocoa puffs with hallucinations. She thinks she hears Jace’s screams and even imagines a conversation with the angel Ithuriel who she helped save.

After some searching, Izzy finds Jace and tells him that the water from Lake Lyn, if ingested, can permanently drive you insane. Together, they find Clary who basically is losing it and doesn’t even recognize them. And she’s tripping so hard that she starts to fight them. But Jace manages to grab Clary and through the magic of his Angel blood, his runes seem to calm Clary down and rid her of the lake madness. BECAUSE SOULMATES.


Moving along. I’m not feeling this whole Simon, Maia, and Look Who’s Coming to Yom Kippur scenes. During family share and atonement, Mama Simon admits she fell off the wagon. Que awkward family dinner. Maia helps make this awkward dinner turn around by making up same lame story to help Simon have a more reasonable atonement story other than “I’m a vampire and might have killed a few people.” Yom Kippur. Am I right?

Clave secrets

Finally, Papa Lightwood starts to level with Alec and tells him that secrets are the reason he has so much pull in Idris. And bestows this knowledge upon Alec. The judgey Clave lied about having the soul sword in their possession. They never recovered it from Valentine’s attack. Turns out Sebastian aka JC has the sword. And he is planning to send Valentine straight to demon hell with it.

But because Valentine is well, Valentine, he once again talks himself out of danger by saying Jonathan was always the son he wanted, not Jace. And because JC is going through some Daddy abandonment issues, he believes him. And just when Jace and the Scooby gang finally find the cabin they’ve been looking for all episode, they realize they are too late. Valentine and JC are gone.


Back in New York, Jace is reading through the journals he found in the cabin that Valentine kept of his demon/angel experiments and notices that he and Jonathan Christopher were being experimented on at the same time 10 years ago. Which Clary says is impossible because she was told JC died in a fire as a baby. After remembering what she thought was a hallucination of Ithuriel in Idris, she realizes that it was real and he was trying to tell her that her brother Jonathan Christopher is still alive. Que gasps!

So what did you think of this week’s episode? Will Simon finally move on with Maia? Is Clary finally ready to accept her feelings for Jace? And what kind of family games are JC and Valentine going to play?

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