TFS Recap: Black Lightning | Do you believe in the Resurrection?

The CW

The CW

Y’all. Let’s not beat around the bush. The CW premiered a show about a black superhero this week and it was #LitAF. There’s so much to cover.

Who is Black Lightning you say? I didn’t know either. I’m a Marvel girl. But what I found out was huge. Black Lightning was created in the 1970s and is DC Comics’ first black superhero and the first to star in the their own series in print for DC. Cool right?

So back to the show. It stars Cress Williams (remember Scooter from Living Single??) as Jefferson Pierce, the principal of Garfield High School who starts the show bailing out his daughter Anissa (the activist aka Harriet Tubman) from jail for participating in a protest against the “100 gang,” an ongoing gang problem in the city of Freeland.

Then there’s Jennifer, played by China Anne McClain (Disney’s Descendants 2) who is the youngest and hates being the principal’s daughter and always having to “set a good example for the other girls.” You’ll find out though that her rebellious attitude leads to the Pierce girls getting in to a lot of trouble with the 100 gang later on.

Got it? Good.

Through news, we learn that Black Lightning has not been seen in 9 years. It turns out Jefferson gave it up in order to save his marriage. But Lynn ends up divorcing him anyway because she couldn’t handle him coming home hurt and bleeding anymore. So he stays the path in hopes of getting her back.

Hey, remember rebellious Jennifer? Well she unfortunately gets mixed up with the 100 and they kidnap her and Anissa right out of the school. And Jefferson can’t keep his promise anymore. With the help of his Alfred to his Batman, Gambi, Black Lightning is back and the 100 messed with the wrong kids.

The best part about this show?

1. The social commentary. It’s makes the show so real and relatable. Examples:

The beginning of the show has Jefferson being pulled over. He says this is for the 3rd time in a month. They literally force him out of the car with no explanation so a woman can I.D. him because a black man robbed her liquor store. So he must have done it right? UGH.

Or what about when being discussed in the news, Roland Martin asks why is Black Lightning considered a vigilante and people in other communities with super powers are considered heroes? Why are there double standards? I’m looking for answers too Roland. #BringtheFunk

And lastly, they talk about the constant struggle of trying to better the community through traditional ways (higher education, doing what you’re told, staying the path, etc) vs standing up and being in the trenches like Anissa who gets arrested at a protest.

Bottom line: This show is Woke AF.

2. The soundtrack. I mean the show opens with Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit. I knew it was on then. It kind of reminds me of how Shonda Rhimes carefully selects music for Scandal or Issa Rae for Insecure. Bobby Bland, Isaac Hayes, Jack White. Honestly, just do yourself a favor and Shazam some of the songs during the episode and discover some dope music.

Dislikes? I have none. It was a solid series premiere. So solid in fact, Nielsen data reports that it’s the CW’s highest rated original series premiere in 2 years. Or as this tweet states…

I can’t wait to see what else is in store with this series. In one episode it has quickly become one of my favorite new shows. What did you think of Black Lightning?

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TFS Rating: A+