The Little Mermaid Live | Kind of, Sort of?

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When my friend asked me today if I enjoyed The Little Mermaid Live last night, all I could say was that it was terrible. I said I was so annoyed by it that I didn’t even have the words to write about how much I hated it. Like I would literally write “Here’s my review: terrible.”

She thought that was hilarious and said she would read my blog just to see me say that. And of course, that made me want to write about it more.

So what went wrong for them?

Well 1, it was called “The Little Mermaid Live” and it should have been called “The Little Mermaid Kind of Live, Maybe? But Not Really.” For real, I didn’t sign up to watch the animated movie and let the humans sing a few of the songs live. 

Really ABC? You’re a part of Disney for Christ sake. There is a Broadway version of this movie. You didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’re letting FOX of all channels make better live shows than you. Remember your “live” version of Dirty Dancing? OMG, that was awful too.

Second, that live studio audience was driving me crazy. Were they at a concert? Why are they yelling and cheering? It’s live yall, you’re ruining this even more.

Okay, I can’t say it was all bad. The people they cast to be live for 30% of the movie were perfect:

  • Auli'i Cravalho? She had the voice of a sweet baby angel and I want to hear her sing more. 

  • Amber Riley? We already knew she was amazing in Glee and I firmly believe we need to be putting her in more things.

  •  Queen Latifah sang the hell out of Poor Unfortunate Souls and she will forever be Ursula from here on out.

  • Seriously, who low key didn’t think Sebastian was Shaggy all this time?

Oh, and some guy played Prince Eric and that whole situation with John Stamos was just downright awkward to watch. 

Am I being too hard on them? The answer is no. NBC set the bar on live shows and everybody needs to live up to them. The Sound of Music? Loved it? Peter Pan? Loved it? The Wiz? FREAKING AMAZING. Come on ABC, you got a lot to catch up on.

But at least you have All in the Family and The Jefferson’s live. THAT you actually do well. 


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