TFS Movie Review: Geostorm | Climate Change is Real and We’re Screwed

Ben Rothstein/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Ben Rothstein/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I have a weakness for a certain type of movie: natural disaster ones. Twister, Volcano, Dante’s Peak, San Andreas, Night of the Twisters; you name it, no matter how bad it looks or the reviews it gets, I have to see it.

But I have a tiny confession: I went in to Geostorm thinking that this movie will probably suck but I was okay with that.  To quote a friend “Geostorm is what MoviePass was made for.”

In Geostorm, the year is 2019 and an unprecedented series of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, snow storms, etc, are happening and destroying cities across the globe. (Sounds eerily familiar right?) In order to solve the problem, the worlds’ leaders come together and come up with a satellite grid that helps control the climate and keep people on the ground safe. All is well until the same system built to protect the world becomes the thing that will destroy it and it’s up to Gerard Butler to fix it. Still with me? Good. 

Confession #2: I surprisingly liked this movie.  I know, I know. Let me explain.

One reason I liked it is that I never got bored during the movie. There was enough action and story to keep me interested. Also, the fact that I feel like we’re on the brink of a Geostorm had me on #woke status the whole movie.

And there are really only a couple of things I disliked about the movie. One of them being Jim Sturgess’ hair. I’m sorry, but every time he would come up on the screen, his awful haircut would distract me to death. In fact his history of awful haircuts disturb me to no end. Across the Universe? BLECK. One Day? WHY.  21? Okay, his hair was decent in that one. I could go on but why bother.

The other thing that bothered me was that the ending was a bit complicated. Without giving away the ending, the reasoning for this Geostorm was completely far fetched. It’s pretty much what weakened the movie as a whole. But at the same time, what natural disaster movie is realistic?

Look, I’m not saying this is the best movie I’ve seen. But if you are looking for something mildly entertaining with some action and humor and you want to walk out thinking that wasn’t as much as a waste of money as I thought it was going to be, this movie is for you.

But the box office definitely slept on this movie. It’s not the complete dud other critics have made it out to be. That’s my truth. I’m sticking to it.

TFS Rating: B-