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Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

Paul Rudd! We’ve missed you! Welcome back to our screens, our hearts, and our minds.

If you’re wondering what happened to our favorite self-proclaimed cat burglar Scott Lang aka Ant-Man during the THANOS RUINED EVERYTHING FIASCO, wait no more.

Last time we saw Scott was in Captain America: Civil War when he joined #TeamCap and grew like 60 something feet tall.

So, here’s a reminder of what happened.

In Civil War, the main point of conflict is the Sokovia Accords, a document drafted by 117 countries that says the Avengers and all enhanced beings can’t operate without the say so of the government. This was due to the nation of Sokovia being destroyed and innocent lives being lost in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Iron Man was for it because he felt guilty and maybe they do need some regulation. Cap was like nah, I’m good. I’ve had enough of the government trying to control me and I gotta save my friend Bucky from Hydra’s mind control. 

Calamity ensued, friends turned into foes, blah blah blah. Needless to say, it changed the Avengers in a big way.

Now fast forward 2 years after Civil War.

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott is STILL feeling the effects of Civil War. Since he sided with #TeamCap, he was arrested for breaking the law of the Accords and he took a deal to be on house arrest for 2 years in order to be with his daughter.

Hank Pym (who created the Ant-Man suit) and his daughter Hope also refused to sign the Accords and give up the technology they have built to the government and mainly Stark. So now they are hiding underground from the police with a secret mini lab on wheels trying to find Hank’s wife Janet in the Quantum Realm.

And with only a couple of days left, Scott is so close to getting his freedom and leaving the house. 

Caught up? Good.

What did I like about this movie? Paul Rudd playing Paul Rudd as a superhero.

Think about how skeptical we all were when Marvel announced he was playing Ant-Man. Like, Josh from CluelessI Love You, Man Paul Rudd? This is 40 Paul Rudd yall.

Now, I honestly can’t imagine anyone else playing this role. So kudos to you sir. You made us all a believer.

Also, thanks for showing Hope van Dyne as the badass that we knew she could be. They elevated her character and she kicked ass throughout the entire film as The Wasp.

Loved the action and chase scenes of them switching between small to large constantly reminding us of the power of Pym’s Particle.

And what about break out star Michael Peña’s Luis? I loved every time he was on the screen for a long Luis creative story telling ramble. And the rest of the ex-con crew was there to back him up every step of the way. Magic.

And last but not least, THAT END CREDIT SCENE! 

At the end of the movie I was thinking cool, that movie wasn’t bad. Thank goodness. Then BAM, they hit you with this scene. I went from this isn’t bad to GAME CHANGER. And that’s all I’ll say about that. 

Complaints? I wasn’t feeling the villain Ghost at all. Every villain usually has a great sob story that led them to this point, but I just didn’t connect with her. Sure, the constant “ghost” state she was in was cool but that’s about it.

Also, villain #2 Sonny was annoying AF as well. Douche bro in a suit. Yeah, I have no more words.

All-in-all, Ant-Man and the Wasp was a solid addition to the MCU. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Black Panther or Infinity War that Marvel gifted us with this year, but solid nonetheless. It still has the same fun humor that the first movie had that breaks it apart from the other movies in the MCU. 

It’s what Thor: Ragnorak was trying to be but just couldn’t get there with all that forced humor. Don’t @ me on this. You know I’m right.

TFS Rating: B+