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courtesy universal pictures

courtesy universal pictures

Let’s unpack this giant love letter to 80s music and neon flashing lights shall we?

Directed by David Leitch, who gave us revenge seeking John Wick, Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde is basically the female counterpart. She has little time for conversation, but a whole lot of time to kick some serious ass.

So here’s the basic plot: a few days before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, MI-6 agent James Gasciogne had a list that contained all the identities of spies in Berlin that could set back the end of the Cold War … an Atomic Bomb of information if you will. Unfortunately, he is killed and his killer, a Russian operative, takes the information.

That’s where Charlize Theron comes in. MI-6 wants that list back so they assign one of their best agents Lorraine Broughton, the fashionable, blonde bombshell with a particular set of skills. Side note: MI-6 mainly wants the list because it will expose the identity of a double agent by the name of Satchel who has been revealed to be working with the Russians. Any who, once in Berlin, Lorraine is to work with fellow agent David Percival (James McAvoy) and get that list back at all cost.

Easy job right? Of course not. As soon as Lorraine touches down in Berlin, its one twisty, don’t trust anyone turn after another.

Let’s face it; this movie is sexy as hell. The fight scenes alone in Atomic Blonde are cringe worthy and amazing. There’s no “how in the world did they do that” fighting. It’s more of “that looks pretty fucking real and no wonder Charlize cracked teeth in the making of this movie” fighting. Girl really likes to commit to her roles. Ouch.

There’s one scene in particular in the second act that it seems like the existence of this movie was made for. It’s one long shot fight sequence with no music to back it up, just the painful noise of breaking of bones and heavy breathing. Lorraine is definitely giving us major La Femme Nikita vibes in this movie.

And lets not forget about the soundtrack. There are so many solid hits in this movie, you can’t ignore the songs help carry you through. From Queen to George Michael to Public Enemy, there’s enough to get anyone through a Blue Monday (get it?). Take a listen below for yourself.

Just know this: Atomic Blonde is good, but its main flaw is the slow progression of the plot and multiple twists the make you sometimes forget what the mission actually was from the start. But the 80s throwback music and Charlize Theron kicking absolute ass is enough to keep you engaged. And if she was looking to get in to the action movie business, we could definitely see 2 to 3 more Atomic Blonde sequels with badass Lorraine Broughton in the future.

TFS Rating: B-

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