TFS Movie Review: Last Christmas | A George Michael Love Letter


I like Christmas, but I am definitely one of those people who do not believe in jumping the gun and putting up your shit before the ghosts and ghouls have had time to be quietly buried. So I couldn’t believe I was watching a Christmas movie mere days after Halloween ended.

But you know what I am a fan of? Emilia Clarke. That’s right, our favorite power-hunger Khaleesi has come back to life reincarnated as a drunken elf. And that darling Henry Golding. Our favorite British speaking Crazy Rich Asian. You can put him in any movie, and I’ll be guaranteed to watch.

So let’s meet our lovely pair. Clarke plays Kate, a woman struggling to put her life back together after suffering a serious illness. And Golding plays Tom, a weirdly positive ray of light that comes into Kate’s life out of nowhere just when she needs it most.

And then there’s also a very important third character: George Michael. The entire movie soundtrack is only George Michael/Wham! songs. Even the name of the movie. Trust me, they don’t let you forget it. There should be a ticker for how many times they play Last Christmas.

So what are some winners of this movie?

We get some truly heartwarming and heartbreaking moments with Kate and her family and her work mom Santa (Michelle Yeoh) who owns a 24-hour Christmas store. Yes, you read that right. Santa owns a Christmas store. But lastly, we get some pretty damn cute moments between Kate and Tom.

And without getting too political, we unexpectedly get a small glimpse of how immigrants are coping with a post-Brexit UK.

The only sort of bad thing about this movie is that is fully predictable. But I’m okay with that. I wasn’t expecting any surprises. It’s a rom-com. Sorry Scorsese, every movie can’t be a fucking art piece (yes, I’m still bitter over his Marvel comments).

So if you’re looking for the next cinematic masterpiece, this movie is NOT it. BUT, if you’re looking for a silly movie to pass the time away and get you in the Christmas spirit with a little tears, then you’ve come to the right place.

TFS Rating: B