1 year Squadaversary!

Me and Darth Vader at Free Comic Book Day. Lol

Me and Darth Vader at Free Comic Book Day. Lol

Wow! A year ago I started The Fan Squad. (Actually it went live on July 12th, I just waited a few days to tell people about it.)

I really just started this thing for fun. Something I could do that had absolutely nothing to do with politics, social justice, or 45. Because I get enough of that in my work and personal life. 

But man, what a fun, geeky journey it has been. I went from never having been to a comic con to 4 in 1 year. And I only have 2 OG Power Rangers left to meet. (Somebody help me get Billy and Kimberly!) 

Not that I worry about it or care, but I for sure was like nobody looks at this anyway. And then I run in to people all the time saying I loved your TFS review on this and that. What? Like y’all read this? Lol. Much appreciated though. 🙏🏾

I got a few ideas I’m working on because my con budget is steadily going up and unfortunately I gotta keep my house and car and pay my bills first. Lol. 

So! The Fan Squad merch coming soon ish. And don’t roll your eyes at me, I know you’re probably tired of seeing them, but IDC! Be on the lookout for a TFS subscription box. Because I generally like rays of sunshine in a box that gets delivered to me in the mail. Guess what, you will too! 🎁

Anywho, I look forward to another year of sharing my geeky adventures with y’all and being a #fanwithnoshame. ✌🏾

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